Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Enjoying Bearlake with friends..

Back in August we headed to my parents cabin in Bearlake..this time with our good friends the Pillings and Dilles. We had a great time..Hung at the beach, did some boating and relaxed at the cabin..We also got to enjoy some very yummy chocolate covered raspberrys from the them to death! Thanks for the fun weekend everybody! Kelly, Me and Rachelle...
Eating at the pizza joint..Brandon,me, Rachelle, Jackson and Berkley and Kelly and Kate!

The kids table...

Brandon and the boys getting the boat ready to head out..

And of course playing in the sand..poor Brandon was getting buried!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A big Happy Birthday to Abbey..

Happy Birthday Abs...Yes, my youngest has turned 9..crazy!
We have so much fun with her..she is always ready for a party and so excited for whatever comes her way..Love you Abbey..Hope your day was great!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy 4th of July..

For the 4th this year we stayed at home..Creighton our nephew was getting baptized so we enjoyed the holiday with family and some friends at home. Holly and Brian had us all over for fireworks and a barbecue..which also included there neighborhood..It was fun to just relax and hang with everyone. The kids loved the fireworks..I think all the men had gone in together and got some "really good" fireworks..lots of fun! Marshall and Hunter..helping with the fireworks
In front of Hollys house..getting ready for the fireworks

Braed..Hunt and Ab..don't they look so excited??

Abbey and Brinley..loving the cousin!

Braeden heads to Cedar Badge..

Back in June Braeden was invited to go with a couple friends to a leadership training camp..for scouts. It went for a week..a long week for him! They enjoyed most of it..what they didn't enjoy was cooking for themselves..mostly burnt and the rain. They did have a couple good days where it was sunshine and a party. We went up for the closing ceremonys..which was fun to see. It was a beautiful place right by the tetons. Braed was dirty and ready to head home...I'm glad he had the opportunity to experience a week without his mom taking care of him..he must appreciate now, right?
Caleb, Braed and Brandon

The troop flag with the names of the boys..

Oh yea..the Jonas Brothers!

Yep..We went to the Jonas Brothers..Abbeys good friend invited us to go with them to Boise and see them. It was very fun..a girls night.- Dinner, fun concert, staying over in a hotel and swimming before bed made it a busy day for the girls but they had a blast! Thanks to the Thompsons for a great girls night out! Tanner, Tedi and Hallie
Abbey and me..crazy girl!

Crazy chics...

Oh yes..the Jonas Brothers!

When we got there..they had there bus that you could write on..we didnt know this so no writing but we did get lots of the girls pics by the bus..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Braeden..

On June 17th Braed turned the big 12..I honestly can't believe fast time flys by..It sure feels its going way to fast. Braeden is the best..We love him so much and appreciate his cute personality..he adds so much to our family! He actually missed his birthday cake..he left for camp on his birthday and was gone for a week so we had to celebrate again when he got home..Love you Braed!
Our fun neighbors and the cute sign they made for sweet!

Finishing up our trip..

Our last stop was at a very cool beach..The kids had a great time boogie boarding and hanging at the beach..


Jake and Hunter

Heading out..Thanks Tara for boarding with the kids..they loved it! and of course a really big thanks to Kelly for being our tour guide to a really great summer trip!

Time to update..

We celebrated Braeds bday while we were down there.. has been way to long since I have updated my blog..I think to start off I will try to finish our trip to California..and I will make it quick! We did finally make it to Kelly's parents was very fun and relaxing. They have a homemade lake right in the backyard..the kids loved it. While we were there we took a few days to shop and to venture down to the aquarium that was so interesting and fun for the kids..while we were down that way we also stopped at a cute beach that had fun sea animals to see.. Hanging at the beach..Emily, Abbey, Brandon and Braeden

Rachelle. Me and Kelly

Braed and Brandon..

All the girls..

Kellys parents lake..the girls loved the boat..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

On our way to San Juan Bautista...

So, after a few days in San louis Obispo we packed up and headed to San Juan Bautista, this is where Kelly grew up so we were excited to get there and relax for a few days. On our way there we drove part of the way on the freeway where it follows the ocean and it goes through some very pretty wine country. We did stop for a short break at a cool little beach that wasnt't quite warm enough to swim in but it was great for climbing on rocks and jumping through the other words a great stop for the kids to get some of there energy out. Tara, Me and Rachelle..

My three crazy kids..Braed, Abbey and Hunter
All of the photo

Hunt and Jake doing Caption Ron..

The three younger boys climbing the cliffs...Braeden, Brandon and Taryn

Monday, June 29, 2009

Big snake and a candy store..Do they go together?

While we were in San Louis Kelly's friend came down to meet us and took us to a farmers market down main street. Now if you've been to the farmers market here you would be either surprised of way excited to see the difference. It was so fun to see all the different foods they offered..especially the big cookies that Rachelle and I grabbed up. Love the cookies! They had bands playing and people dancing and tons of cute little stores to go in. Our favorite was the candy store..the kids loved it. The street of many things also had a nice guy who wanted to show off his Red tailed boa..we all know how much I love snakes so it was even greater that all the kids took turns holding it..even Kelly tried pic of that one but it was very funny! Picture with all the girls..Kelly's friend, Kelly, Tara, Me and Rachelle

Some of the excited to be at a candy store!

Hunter holding the snake..brings back memories of him doing this in Cancun, I think he was a little less nervous this time. impressive, don't think I could do it.

Braeden was excited to hold her..where did I get him from?